Wine and Meat Set_Folding Long Clip + The Bubble Ice Ball


【Wine and Meat Set】

Offer combination: Folding series – long clip + The Bubble ice hockey, one for each

With the right person, at the right time, drinking and eating meat is always especially fun!!

Douxteel has heard everyone’s voice, isn’t it coming?

Folding Series-Long Clip: With solid line and dotted line elements, the moment you pick up the long clip, the time machine will immediately take you back to the hand-made memories of the labor class when you were in elementary school.

The high-standard and precise sheet metal bending process is processed and polished with a rounded “chamfering” method at the intersection of the lines. The Teflon coating enhances the anti-scratch and wear-resistant function.

It is definitely a must-have trendy item on the dining table and in the kitchen. In addition to food such as meat, cake and bread, the taste and texture of this high-valued person instantly UP UP!

The Bubble Ice Ball: Douxteel’s Best-Selling Drink Must-Have

With a golden hockey puck in your cup, you walk among the fine wines with a chic and elegant attitude

The dazzling metal ice hockey makes others can’t help but envy!

Stainless steel material will not melt or affect the original flavor of the drink

And the cooling speed is fast, let’s have a drink with family and friends!

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