Moon Plate-Wavy


Material 304 Food grade stainless steel

Surface Processing Top food grade Titanium coating (PVD)

Weight 350g

Dimension 150x150x30mm

Package Dimension 160x160x35mm



The moon reflected in the sparkling water as imagery, the hard metal presents the tenderness of water. The bended crescent moon shows the processing features of sheet metal formation and the sense of touch when holding the utensil. This piece brings out the unique innovative aesthetics of oriental imagery.


Historically, scholars liked to use jade plates to describe the full moon, which is like a wheel, a plate, or a mirror. The softness of water brings out the textile and layers of the moon. We use the sparkling moon reflected in the water as an imagery to create two different designs for dishes. We process metal to present the softness of water and bring the imagery of moon in the water to life.

Extreme metal craftsmanship:

“The shimmering moon reflected on the water surface is the image, and the hardness of the metal presents the softness of the water. The bent half-moon presents the processing characteristics of sheet metal forming and the handle of the utensils.” It shows the innovative beauty of a unique oriental image. .


Top food grade titanium coating:

The design not only maximizes the technical power of the manufacturing end, but also uses top-grade food-grade titanium coating technology, which is scratch and abrasion resistant.

Michelin restaurant and winery’s favorite plate

Full Collection of Moon Plate-Wavy

Material                               304 Food grade stainless steel

Surface Processing          Top food grade Titanium coating (PVD)

Weight                                   350g

Dimension                           150x150x30mm

Package Dimension        160x160x35mm


亮黑, 霧黑, 亮金, 霧金, 亮銀, 霧銀

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