Douxteel Fragrance 50ml


Capacity: 50ml

(This product does not include the diffuser bottle in the picture)




Douxteel_Sensen Fragrance – 50 ml
Experience the freshness of the forest and the scent of walking in the forest path. Douxteel and the fragrance designers specially used woody tones and citrus to reconcile the moist moss in the forest. The ethereal spirit also implies the inspiration of oriental gold and wealth.

Fragrance Compound: Pine Needle, White Tea, Tea Tree
Fragrance Notes: Alishan Tea Garden

The sun rises slowly and scatters among the tea gardens in Alishan.
The morning dew slowly slipped from the leaves, soaking the white clothes of the tea farmers.
Start a new day with the elegant aroma of tea.

Compound fragrance: French red rose, black tea
Fragrance Notes: Southern French Rose Garden

Based on the classic Taiwan Tea No. 21, the top red rose imported from France is blended.
It is like being in a pure white hut on Yangming Mountain, with the golden sunset and the fragrance of rose tea.


(This product does not include the diffuser bottle in the picture)

fragrance oil
1. Please handle fragile items with care, do not place them at an angle to avoid liquid leakage.
2. If you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
3. The consumption rate of the product will vary depending on the environmental impact and the amount of diffuser used.
4. Contains natural ingredients, if there is sediment, discoloration is a normal phenomenon.
5. Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with fire or high temperature environment.
6. Avoid being available to children. Pregnant women should consult a professional physician before use.

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