Courbe Fragrance Vase_medium


Material            304Stainless steel 
Surface treatment   Top Ti Coating (PVD)
Size                70x70x250mm

Bend different metal pipes to show the appearance of exquisite shapes and body styles, the creativity and taste of unique modeling, and the creativity and taste like picturesque style, so that you can’t take your eyes from it.

DOUXTEEL_ Courbe Fragrance Vase

The metal bending process is used to create a delicate and elegant outline, giving people a soft and strong visual experience. It is a quiet vase and candle holder, and also a diffuser bottle with a gentle atmosphere, presenting a sense of eternal sculpture in the space.

Each unique tube body curve is formed through the suppression of the master’s years of experience.

Different ways of use, simple and easy to match:

Candlesticks on the dining table, flower pots by the window, or even a diffuser stick can be used as a diffuser. A simple ingenuity can create a different atmosphere for your life.

2020 DOUXTEEL Classic Design

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