When it comes to the impression of a sheet metal factory, most people should have a hard and cold impression of laser cutting, punching machines, etc., but this sheet metal factory is very different. It uses precision cutting of metal to show fine lines and even engraving. The flow of water, light and shadow is drawn out. This is the metal craftsmanship that Michelin restaurants and wineries love about. It comes from the insistence of the owner Amanda Lin!! How did she give play to the heroic spirit of not letting the eyebrows, in the rigid market, produce the design award-winning dinner plates and tableware, not only that, she is also one of the responsible manufacturers of Taiwan's national shipbuilding!
Douxteel is honored to be able to cooperate with the Singapore national team led by Anderson Ho this year to participate in the World Culinary Competition held in Germany every four years! With the competition of 2,000 chefs, we have won: .Gold Medal – Chef’s Table .Silver Medal – Restaurant of the Nation .Silver Medal – Showpiece for Chef’s Table Be able to work with excellent chefs from all over the world to understand how chefs use food, utensils, and even space. It is the most warm and powerful thing to convey one's own cultural heritage to everyone's heart through the delicious meal! !
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